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Unfortunately shaves are not in operation at the moment due to Covid


Here at Equinox Gentleman's Grooming we are most famous for our Equinox signature traditional wet shave treatment with expert use of a cut throat razor. You will be treated to a full deluxe wet shave, which will include the use of the luxury Acumen skin care line. The process includes three hot towels; the shave mini facial and a further two cold towels to give you an unsurpassed feeling of energy and rejuvenation. Once complete, you will then receive a massage lasting 5 minutes specifically targeting the head, face, neck, shoulders and arms; designed to remove tension and induce a sense of wellbeing. You will then feel ready to tackle anything…for the rest of your day ahead.

Our process is followed by a facial consultation and no expense has been spared to help ensure you have the perfect grooming experience. This includes the use of the Acumen professional skin care products, specially formulated creams; the use of a pure badger hair shaving brush and of course the best available steel to give you the closest, smoothest shave. You really can’t beat the experience of a traditional barber wet shave. The experience of relaxing for 45 minutes and being bound in hot towels leaves you looking and feeling great.


Duration: 45-mins. Please note that treatment times given here are approximations only. Treatments may be subject to change depending on skin type.

This is a luxurious grooming treatment combining a mini facial/face massage and cut throat razor shave



Do you want a real clean shaven look, with no visible stubble or shadows? Then try our hot towel head shave. We will first take the hair down to grade 0 and apply a hot lather of Proraso shaving cream with a badger shaving brush. This is followed by a steaming hot towel wrap to soften the hair. A second hot lather will then be applied before giving the closest of shaves. We then finish off the treatment with Proraso moisturiser gently massaged into the scalp.


You are in the safe and warm hands of friendly hand-picked experts with over 30 years in the shaving and barbering business. Our staff are truly cosmopolitan, creating a rich and inspirational environment and have a collective desire to ensure you have a truly wonderful experience.

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